3D Gyration Rockers LGR-A101

3D Gyration Rockers LGR-A101

We produce a wide range of Rockers which are extensively used in different fields. The 3D gyration rockers are designed to generate in three dimension rocking motion with smooth and full mixing action.

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Type : Mini size
Speed range : 35 to 70rpm
Rocking type : 3-D Gyration
Tilting Angle : 3˚ – 12˚
Angle Adjustable : YES
Timer : Digital 540min
Speed control mode : Digital in 1 rpm increment
Maximum load : 10kg
Operational temperature : +4 to +40˚C
Maximum humidity : 0.8
Platform : 235×235mm
Dimension (W×L×H) : 240×300×210mm
Net weight : 6kg
Power supply : 230V, 50Hz/50W

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