Cryostat LCT-A102

Cryostat LCT-A102

The cryostat have thermostatic bath. Constant temperature test can be carried out in that thermostatic bath. It also can be connected with other equipment through the tube, which can be formed a complete set and then used as constant temperature source such as rotatory evaporator electrophoresis appearance, viscometer, medical cold hat, decreasing temperature blanket and so on, or can be applied for other equipment such as electron microscope, molecular pump, ion pump, diffusion pump, microwave remedial machine and so on.

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Temperature range : -10°C to 100°C
Cubage capacity : 15L
Resolution ratio : 0.1
Fluctuating degree : 0.05°C
Power supply voltage : AC220V/ 50Hz
Power : 2.5W
Capacity of pump : 4-10L/min optional
Product dimension (L×W×D) : 290×270×220mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) : 480×370×810mm
Net weight : 40kg
Gross weight : 35kg
Gap Size (L×W) : 235×160mm

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