Flame Photometer LFP-A100

Flame Photometer LFP-A100

Labmate introduces Flame photometer which are widely used for analyzing and measuring the content and concentration of elements.

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Measurement range : K: 0-100ppm; Na: 0-100ppm; Li: 0-100ppm; Ca: 0-1000ppm; Ba: 0-3000ppm
Measurement limit : K: 0.01ppm; Na: 0.01ppm; Li: 0.025ppm; Ca: 0.1ppm; Ba: 10ppm
Drift : ≤ 3% (after 30 minutes when the instrument stability)
Sample rate : 4 ~ 6ml/min
Linearity : Better than the best results of the intermediate value of 2% (single point CAL)
Response time : <8s
Time stability : Less than 15 seconds (when the sample was taken after the flame)
Calibration methods : Straight line, broken line, secondary fitting
Size : 530×510×580mm
Weight : 27kg

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