Flame photometer LFP-A101

Flame photometer LFP-A101

Labmate introduces Flame photometer which are widely used for analyzing and measuring the content and concentration of elements.

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Measurement range : With air-compressor K: 0-15, 0-40ug/mL; Na: 0-40, 0-80ug/ml
Linearity range : K: detection limit ≤ 0.004mmol/L; Na: detection limit ≤ 0.008mmol/L
Linearity error : K: ≤ 0.005mmol/L(0.0100~0.0800)mmol/L; Na: ≤ 0.03mmol/L(0.0500~0.400)mmol/L
Repeatability : Conduct 7 consecutive independent tests for one standard solution, the relative standard deviation:≤3%
Response time : <8s
Stability : Continuous sampling of standard solution, the biggest change in the relative volume in 15s: ≤ 3%; Test once every minute, and test 6 times in total, the biggest change in the relative volume: ≤ 15%
Suction Jet of Samples : Suction jet of samples <6ml/min
Size : 380×770×570mm
Weight : 18kg

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