Manpower Climate Incubator LMI-A101

Manpower Climate Incubator LMI-A101

Manpower Incubator LMI-A101 helps in stimulating climate situation in the different environment. It is widely used as specialized constant temperature and constant humidity illumination equipment in the lab.

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Work voltage : AC220V 50Hz
Humidity controlling scope : 50-95%RH
Timing scope : 0-9999minutes
Range of temperature control : +5~50°C
Resolution ratio : 0.1
Illumination intensity : 0-12000LX
Wave degree of temperature : ±0.5°C
Power : 1500kW
Size of Working Room( H×W×D ) : 1000×500×500mm
Overall dimension(L×W×H) : 680×870×1590mm

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