Precision Balance LPB-A104

Precision Balance LPB-A104

Precision Balance LPB-A104 helps in laboratory or manufacturing operation which makes work faster, easier and more reliable. Our Precision Balances are accurate and precise instruments used to measure masses.

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Weighing Range : 500g
Reading Accuracy : 0.001g
Repeatability : 0.002g
Linearity : 0.002g
Pan Diameter : 90mm
Stable Time : <=8s
Units : Gram(g), Ounce(Oz), Carat(ct)
Interface : RS232
Calibration : Internally or Externally(C type is internally calibration,B type is external calibration)
Screen : Large backlit LCD
Windshield : Standard support
Power : AC110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Dimension : 350× 215 ×340mm
Weight : 6.8kg
Standard Accessories : Tweezer,RS232 cable, Adapter, Calibration weight, Dust cover

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